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Convivial and family-oriented tourism…

Everyone needs a break! Our holiday centre is exactly what you are looking for!
Conviviality, simplicity and camaraderie, family-oriented: these are the values that inspire us. Each guest is unique and we strive to meet the needs of each and every one!
Our numerous packages are proof of this and range from the simplest to the most comprehensive formulas and especially… to suit all budgets! Diversity makes the world go around…
So don’t delay, discover what we have to offer right now!

Recreational stays


Business at your home from home!

You will soon realise that each guest is unique here and that we strive to meet the needs of each and every one. In a convivial and simple setting you will find everything you need to accomplish your project in a relaxed atmosphere. Nature, the infrastructure, the staff, etc. Everything is here to make your event a success and to promote contacts.
Arrange your next business event here; it’s a home from home!